Eagleview Coed Softball League
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Approved Bat List

*Any bats not listed below should be submitted to the Board for review prior to use.*

 Updated as of 5/11/17

    Anderson 2017 Flex (SP17FLEX)

    Anderson FlexTech

    Anderson Ignite (SP)

    Anderson KSP

    Anderson PyroTech (PTSP)

    Bombat Johnny Ice (J14)

    Catapult C405

    DeBeer Clincher (DBCSB)

    DeBeer Clincher Silver/New York

    DeBeer Icon

    DeMarini Bruiser (DXBSP)

    DeMarini Defiance (WTDXDSP00-14)

    DeMarini Nitro (DXNSP)

    DeMarini Ultimate Weapon (All Models)

    DeMarini Uprising (WTDXDMS)

    DeMarini Venum

    DeMarini Vexxum

    Dudley Assault

    Dudley Assault II

    Easton 2015 Salvo (Model SP15SVS)

    Easton Black Magic

    Easton ConneXion (ST10,ST300)

    Easton ConneXion Gold

    Easton CU31 (SX18,SX81,SX91)

    Easton Cyclone (SK32,SK33,SK34,SK37,SK38,SP13CY)

    Easton Diamond Pro (SK31)

    Easton Hammer (SK2,SK4,SK5,SK16)

    Easton Havoc (SZ810,SZ900)

    Easton Impact (SK66)

    Easton L9.0 (SP13L9)

    Easton Rebel sc888

    Easton Redline (SX75)

    Easton Redline Sunbelt & sc900 (only)

    Easton Reflex (SX40,SX50,SX60,SX70,SX71,SX72)

    Easton Reflex (SP13RX)

    Easton Rival (SV3,SG1)

    Easton Ronin (SP17RAUA)

    Easton S500 (2017)

    Easton S80, SX10, SZ77

    Easton Salvo CXN (SP12SVC)

    Easton Salvo Scandium (SP12SVS)

    Easton SE710

    Easton SRX-2DS

    Easton ST260 Quantum sc900

    Easton Stealth CNT SST1/SST3/SST6 (non-composite version)

    Easton SV12 (SSV1,SSV2)

    Easton Triple 7 (SC77, SC777)

    Easton Typhoon (SK50)

    Easton V12 (SV1)

    Easton V12 (SV2)

    Easton X-Treme (SK19)

    Grover Gold

    Grover MVP

    Grover Silver

    Kelly Mach 10

    Louisville Slugger 125SB Wood

    Louisville Slugger Jackhammer

    Louisville Slugger LPS 3430

    Louisville Slugger Model 725

    Louisville Slugger Momentum (SB39)

    Louisville Slugger Ritch’s Superior

    Louisville Slugger Slugger (SB16, SB16AS, SB2AS, SB24, SB25,)

    Louisville Slugger Slugger (SB6, SB8AS, SB9AS)

    Louisville Slugger TPS (TPSP3428L)

    Louisville Slugger TPS 3224BS

    Louisville Slugger TPS 34305

    Louisville Slugger TPS 3431S

    Louisville Slugger TPS Advanced Player (SB19,SB30)

    Louisville Slugger TPS C405/C405 Plus

    Louisville Slugger TPS C555 (SB20)

    Louisville Slugger TPS Dynasty (SB75P - no XXL)

    Louisville Slugger TPS Gamer (SB804)

    Louisville Slugger TPS Gold (SB23,SB38,SB5,SB704)

    Louisville Slugger TPS Grand Slam (SB87GS)

    Louisville Slugger TPS Powerdome

    Louisville Slugger TPS Response Power Dome (SB504)

    Louisville Slugger TPS Samurai (SB77S)

    Louisville Slugger TPS Silver Slugger (SB40, SB905)

    Louisville Slugger TPS Slash (SB78S)

    Louisville Slugger TPS Warrior (SB76W,SB85W,SBXW,SB12W)

    Louisville Slugger TPS Warrior Power Dome (SB505)

    Louisville Slugger Vapor (SBVA15U)

    Mattingly V-Grip Slowpitch Aluminum MVP

    Miken Maniac (2015 model ONLY)

    Mizuno Power Balance Supreme MS30

    Nike Aero Launch

    Nike Aero Venom

    Nike Alcalyte C405

    Nike Battaboom

    Nike Black Powder

    Nike Bomber Show

    Nike Hawk

    Nike Ignitor

    Nike Kaos

    Nike Keystone

    Nike Show

    Nike Storm (only - no Air Storm or GPT)

    Nike Venom

    One Cryo Equalizer

    Powerhouse Troy Brumbalow

    Powerhouse Xtreme

    Rawlings Ambush (SP1AM2)

    Rawlings Caliber (SPCLBR)

    Rawlings Elite

    Rawlings Fuel SPFL3

    Rawlings Powerforged

    Rawlings Triumph (SPTRMP2)

    Rip-IT Reaper (3 only)

    Steele’s Blue

    Steele’s Laserflex

    Steele’s Storm

    Toledo Buzzsaw

    Toledo Inferno-BL

    Toledo Inferno-EL

    Toledo Nitroglycerin

    Wilson Beast

    Worth Amp Slowpitch (SBAMPV, SBAMP2)

    Worth Blade (WS8SB)

    Worth Clincher

    Worth Excalibur

    Worth Flame

    Worth Insanity (W4SB7)

    Worth Insanity Blue ASA

    Worth MG46 (SSMG)

    Worth Powercell (SW4/SW4P)

    Worth Powercell CU31 (ERC-66SE)

    Worth PowerZone

    Worth Prodigy (WS7B,SBPCX)

    Worth Silencer (SBSIL)

    Worth Storm (SBSTMX)

    Worth Supercell

    Worth Supercell VT

    Worth Ultraflex

    Worth Warpath (SBWPSW)

    Worth Whiplash W3SB